March 8th, 9th, 10th, Austin, Texas.

1st February 2012

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Yeast by Sweet Beast 2012 Line-Up

Saturday March 10, 2012


720 Red River St., Austin TX 78701


Video projectionist:  Katie Rose Pipkin       

2pm to 2:30pm———— Mugwump

245pm to 315pm———Ichi Ni San Shi  

330pm to 4pm————-Macho Blush

415pm to 445pm———Rebecca Ramirez  

5pm to 530pm————-Sprills of Ore    

545pm to615pm———The Lichen

630pm to 7pm———— Book of Shadows    

715pm to 745pm——- Xathax (Nathan Espen)        

8pm to 830pm———— Le Cowboy from Vienna, At    

845pm to 915pm——- Unmoor (Andy Hendricks/ Eva Kelly)    

930pm to 10pm——— Thomas Fang                

Sunday March 11, 2012 Part One

2pm until 730pm


720 Red River St., Austin, TX 78701


Video Projectionist:  Paul Baker    

215pm to 245pm——-Topher

3pm to 330pm————Zorch

345pm to 415pm——-Smokey Emery    

430pm to 5pm———- BREAKEXEXKOAXKOAX 

515pm to 545pm——-Bee vs. Moth   

6pm to630pm————How I Quit Crack

645pm to 715pm——-Youthful Masturbation Techniques

Sunday March 11, 2012 Part Two

930pm to 2am

Skinny’s Ballroom

115 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701


Video Projectionist:  Paul Baker    

930pm to 10pm——————-   Scottless and Bible Black (members of ST-37)   

1015pm to 1045pm————- Sections (Bradford Kinney & Justin Waters)

11pm to 1130pm——————- Dromez (Liz Gomez)

1145pm to 1215am————— Future Blondes (Houston)

1230am to 1am———————- Johnathan Horne & Matt Armistead     

115am to 145am——————- Aurora Plastics Company    

Monday March 12, 2012


2008 South Congress


Video Projectionist:   Laurel Barickman  

5pm to 530 pm—————— Destroyed for Comfort

545pm to 615pm—————Man of the Down    

630pm to 715pm—————-7-Inch Stitch     

730pm to 8pm———————Lee Dockery      

815pm to 845pm————— Mystery band

9pm to 930pm———————-Daze of Heaven    

945pm to 1015pm—————Odor Baby (Matt Burnett)      

1030pm to 11pm——————Sex Bruises   

1115pm to 1145 pm———-Waco Girls         

12 am to 1230am—————-Hard HNW      

1245am to 115am————— Christopher Petkus             

130am to 2am————————Jerri Seinfeldt’s Atrophied SAC free jam!!!!!    

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